The Maasai are one of the most iconic tribes in the world. Known for their courage and resilience, and still living as semi-nomadic pastoralists amongst wild animals in the savannah of the Rift Valley in East Africa, they embody the roots of what it is to be human.

The culture and langauge of the Maasai is rich and alive; the sillhouette of a standing warrior, wrapped in the traditional shuka blanket, spear in hand and bedecked with bright jewellry instantly recognisable.

Now, as our planet is increasingly coming under threat, Maasai traditions can provide a source of inspiration for leadership and how we can survive and thrive in an increasigly uncertain world.

Come and visit us in Sekenani, explore the Maasai Maraa and learn about living in balance with Nature, drawing health from traditional medicinal plants, innovative ways of manageing waste and harnessing materials to deliver clean water. Most important – experience the real meaning of natural prosperity.