Sekenani lies at the entrance to the 1510 km2 Maasai Mara Game Reserve, by far the most famous and popular safari destination in Kenya.Today, it is a small trading centre with more than 3000 people living in the centre and in the surrounding landscape in traditional houses (enkaji) and  villages (manyatttas).

The three main activities are pastoralism with large herds of cattle, sheep and goats, tourism in the reserve and conservation. Sekenani is home to some of the most skilled driver guides who accompany visitors to the reserve on game drives. There are also many local artisans who produce beautiful jewelry and home crafts as well as honey and traditional medicines (insert link to Projects at Ewangan Village). There are many opportunities to stay in Sekenani, with a range of tented camps, village homestays and lodges.


Sekenani is embedded in a savannah landscape of forests and grasslands filled with wild animals that wander in and out of the reserve. The local communities co-exist with their livestock and wildlife maintaining a landscape of exceptional biological and cultural diversity.

It is this beauty that encouraged the local community to build the Sekenani Envirotechnology Centre to help us ensure that the local environment remains free of waste and pollution. Come and visit us to help sustain the community in this important task.